The reality of reincarnation has now been established, and a number of cases have been investigated which strongly validate the details of a past life uncovered during deep hypnotic regression. We next see in this topic, Life Between Lives, the results of using this tool to explore the period from the death of one earth life and the start of the next life…the afterlife. Four books are used for this exploration, three written by Dr. Michael Newton and one by Dolores Cannon. These books show a remarkable commonality among the hundreds of accounts of the afterlife obtained by both authors, which strengthens their collective credibility. This area will present a consistent and comprehensive model of the afterlife, dealing with important subjects such as:

  • The death process
  • Reception of the newly-arrived soul
  • Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living
  • Organization of souls and spiritual advancement in the afterlife
  • Meaning of Hell
  • Spirit guides and angels
  • Selection of a new life
  • Soulmates
  • Purpose of life
  • Perceptions of the Creator
  • The birth process

    The first source in this area is a book, Journey of Souls, written by Dr. Michael Newton and published in 1997. Dr. Newton has focussed the latter part of his professional career on exploring through deep hypnotherapy the periods of time recalled by many of his patients after one death and before the next birth. The result is a model of the afterlife which is quite broad and consistent among the report of his patients.


    Summary of: (Source 1-Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton)

    The second source is a book published in 2000, Destiny of Souls, written as a second volume by Dr. Michael Newton. It provides a great deal more depth and exploration of topics than in his first book (which should be read first). It was based on the same body of patient transcripts which he had gathered during the 90's. These two books together constitute a major definition of soul existence in and outside of the earth realm. Confidence in these results stems from the fact that they resulted from common recollections from his many patients, so consistent that they might well have been recalled by a single individual.


    Summary of: (Source 2-Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton)

     The third source was published by Dr. Michael Newton in 2004, Life Between Lives, Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. Besides containing a number of new cases, it provides a step-by-step description and analysis of the techniques he has developed in some 7000 regressions which should be interesting to the layman as well as the professional hypnotherapist.


    Summary of: (Source 3- Life Between Lives, Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression, by Dr. Michael Newton)

    The fourth and final source in this exploration is a book written by Dolores Cannon in 1993, Between Death & Life. Using deep hypnotic methods, she provides two major results: (1) an exploration of topics which are complementary to the books by Newton, and (2) a strong validation of Newton's results through the correlated recollections of her many patients.


    Summary of: (Source 4-Between Death and Life by Dolores Cannon)

    These four books provide a consistent and comprehensive way of looking at the existence of souls and the meaning of our life on earth. As a baseline model it can be used to compare results obtained about the afterlife in future study, such as in medium communications and near-death experiences and as validation and extension of the material contained in the Afterlife 101 book on this website.


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