A Lawyer Presents The Case For The Afterlife, The Irrefutable Objective Evidence, a website created by Victor Zammit, retired Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and the High Court of Australia

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This updated website establishes the basic case for the existence of the afterlife. It contains a book with 29 separate chapters which deal with a wide variety of independent evidence which support this case. Sections introduce the following sources of this evidence:

Besides these sources of evidence, this website contains a summary of the evidence for an afterlife, the results of direct communication with spiritual entities, essential features of the afterlife, a bibliography, website links, and several hypotheses about revisions to the laws of physics that would help explain phenomena described in this site.

Reasons to Visit this Website

This website deserves an extended visit because it contains a broad set of information about evidence for the afterlife, derived from many sources. It provides an alternate framework into which this site material, which is generally in greater depth, can be placed. Finally, it can be absorbed rapidly and at essentially zero cost because of its web format.


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