Two books written by Ian Lawton, The Big Book of the Soul and The Wisdom of the Soul

The Big Book of the Soul (2008) by Ian Lawton, Rational Spirituality Press

Our Many Lives as Holographic Aspects of the Source

This book is a comprehensive rewrite of Lawton's previous book, The Book of the Soul (2004), which more strongly emphasizes the concept of the Holographic Soul as it relates to soul consciousness. It stresses, that as we are individual souls on our own paths, we are in addition all One, a Holographic representation. The extent of the rewrite can be found here.

The book has chapters which deal with the following sequential topics:

Lawton summarizes the Holographic Soul as follows:

"Soul consiousness is holographic. We are both individual aspects of the Source, and full holographic representations of it, all at the same time. However this does not mean that soul individuality is in itself an illusion. The principle of the hologram is that the part contains the whole, and yet is clearly distinguishable from it.

The source's primary aim, in diversifying into all the billions of holographic soul aspects of itself that operate in the various realms throughout the universe, is to experience all that is and can be. So as individualized aspects of the source who have chosen to reincarnate on this planet, we are merely fulfilling a small part of that objective by gaining a balance of all the experiences available via this route."

Primary Reasons for the Afterlife Student to Read this Work

This book draws upon and makes a critical review of many of the sources which are listed on the Afterlife 102 section of this website and others. It uses the results from these pioneers to create a very credible structure of the afterlife and how humans should relate to it. These sources and the distillation and synthesis of this material result in a description of the afterlife which is amazingly similar to that provided by the spirit guides in the chapters of the Afterlife 101 book of this website. His development of the concept of the Holographic Soul is an important contribution to the understanding of human consciousness.

The Wisdom of the Soul (2007) by Ian Lawton (with research assitance from Andy Tomlinson), Rational Spirituality Press, Southend-on-Sea, England

Summary from book cover:

For thousands of years our view of the afterlife has been handed down to us by a variety of prophets and gurus, but in the last few decades thousands of ordinary people have been taken back into their 'life between lives' in the light realms. Their consistent reports are the most profound source of spiritual wisdom ever available to humanity. And now two researchers have decided to push this source to its limits...

It is important enough that we should understand what happens to us between lives; how we receive energy healing to lighten our vibrations; how we review our lives without judgment from higher beings; and how we choose and plan our next lives along with close soul mates, in order to face the lessons and experiences that will most allow us to grow.

But what if we could use this interlife experience to answer a host of more universal questions of spiritual, historical and philosphical importance? What if multiple regression subjects came up with consistent answers? And what if they displayed wisdom so profound as to be way beyond any normal human capacity?

Primary Reasons for the Afterlife Student to Read this Work

Between life regression results, as provided by various pioneers such as Michael Newton (as found in the "life between lives" pages on this website), have often resulted from allowing individuals who have been regressed to describe their experiences without much specific direction. Lawton has taken this one step further, in that he has selected 10 individuals who had demonstrated the ability to be regressed into their previous afterlife, and asked each to answer the same questions, over 50 in number, about specific features of: Unusual Soul behavior, Soul Development, Humanity's Past and Future, Reality and Time, and several concluding questions. The primary thrust of this book is the correlation of the various responses received through these regressed individuals, with the sources of these responses being advanced spiritual beings. The correlation is high but not perfect, and the correlated results agree quite closely with the spirit guides description of the afterlife in the Afterlife 101 book here.


Ian Lawton's website This website provides a good summary of Ian Lawton's spiritual findings, which he calls Rational Spirituality, together with descriptions of his books (including a new miniature book, The Little Book of the Soul), and discussion papers he has prepared. Lawton refers to this Afterlife 101 website as channelled communications which are extremely consistent with his Rational Spirituality worldview.



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