Is There an Afterlife?, A Comprehensive Overview of the Evidence, by David Fontana, O Books, 2005

Summary (from book cover)

Do aspects of our personality survive our physical body? The fruit of many years research and experience by a world expert in the field, "Is There an Afterlife?" presents the most complete survey to date of the evidence, both historical and contemporary, for survival of physical death. It looks at the question of what survives, in particular exploring the question of consciousness as primary to and not dependent on matter in the light of recent brain research and quantum physics. It discusses the possible nature of the afterlife, the common threads in Western and Eastern traditions, the common features of "many levels," group souls and reincarnation.

"Scholarship, personal experience and high quality always show. This highly accessible, detailed and authoritative book will become a classic. After reading it and assessing the evidence, there can no longer be any doubt that there is life after death. David Fontana's book should be mandatory reading for all those involved in the care of the dying--and of course for the rest of us who know we will have to face it one day!" Dr. Peter Fenwick, Neuropsychiatrist, University of London, and President of the Scientific and Medical Network

"David Fontana's book on the afterlife will surely be the standard work for many years to come. Brilliant and comprehensive, his analysis is admirably balanced and his discussion informed both by his wide reading and extensive first-hand research." David Lorimer, Vice-President of the Horizon Research Foundation.

"This is an important book. Interestingly and authoritatively written by a well-credentialed psychologist with thirty years active involvement in survival research, it provides a clear, balanced and up to date account of the very best evidence. A "must" read for anyone interested in a meaningful exploration of the nature of dying, death and an afterlife, as well as who we really are, when alive." Professor William Braud, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, California.

Key Results

The evidence for survival of consciousness is presented in depth in many diverse areas:




Mediumship vs. the Super-ESP hypothesis

Mental mediumship (Including drop-in communicators, the cross-correspondences, and proxy cases)

Physical mediumship (Including independent voice phenomena, materialization, and the Scole Investigation)

Instrumental transcommunication

Near-Death experiences

Out-of-the-body experiences


The book concludes with a look at the nature of a possible afterlife based upon communications received through mediums and spiritual traditions.

Primary Reasons to Read This Work

This book provides a comprehensive look at the evidence for an afterlife. It draws upon the rich history in survival of the past century up to the present time and gives appropriate weight to alternate hypotheses of the meaning of this history. It also provides a careful assessment of possible features of an afterlife.


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