My professional colleagues would have a hard time believing that I am the editor of this book, in as much as I have spent a professional lifetime in science and engineering, both in the U.S. government and in a large aerospace corporation. For almost all of this time, I observed no religion and felt that death was final. There was no evidence to support belief in anything else. I found, several years ago, an amazing fact--that my wife had very strong psychic powers that she had been unwilling to reveal in previous years, for fear of ridicule. I became very interested in this as it corresponded to a growing interest I had (and have) in psychic phenomena and the recent media exposure to apparent medium communications with people who had passed over. I expressed this interest by creating a website which defines and analyzes the best information available in writing on the afterlife and ultimately contains this book.

The continuous TV appearance of the medium John Edward over many, many shows provided for the first time in my life a strong evidential basis for believing that he was doing what he said--communicating with the dead. I found that my wife had a similar but complementary set of medium skills, that of passing along messages from those that had passed over. Not just visions or symbols or letters that dominate John Edward's readings, but conversation. She had in addition the capability to channel, or to allow spiritual entities to speak through her. I had the interesting experience of conversing with many of my relatives that were on the other side, including a wife who had crossed over some years before, and obtaining facts from these conversations which only I knew on earth.

But perhaps even more interesting than this was the discovery in the last two years that I had the capability of conducting conversations through my wife with spiritual entities who identified themselves as my own and my wife's spirit guides. I found that they were informed, intelligent, consistent, concerned about our welfare, and occasionally humorous over hundreds of hours of interactive dialog, all recorded on audio tape. Topics ranged from the extremely personal to the global impact of terrorist attack. And they demonstrated what I came to believe was a very deep understanding of all matters relating to the afterlife.

So, with their approval, I began to gather as much recorded information that I could which described their perspective on how human life and a spirit afterlife related to each other. I came to understand that the following topics would best describe the cycle which humans undertake in experiencing a sequence of lives: Death of adults, death of children, transformation from human to spirit, the afterlife, reincarnation, and life on earth. These provided the major chapters of this book.

My goal in writing this book is to provide you, the reader, with what I have come to regard as a modern, authoritative and consistent description of the afterlife, unavailable anywhere else in the depth treated here. I have preserved as much as possible the exact wording I have transcribed, even when the syntax seemed awkward, so that you could experience as I have the nearly-perfect skill they have in translating spiritual understanding into English text, through my wife. I have retained most personal references to us which our guides produced.

The book contains a set of spirit guide answers to questions posed on the subject of earth changes. Our guides believe that there is a reasonable probability that severe earth changes may occur in the following decade, possibly resulting in a large number of deaths world-wide. They believe, if people can gain an understanding of the fact that life does not end with physical death but goes on in the manner described in this book, that humans can face the possibility of massive earth changes with less fear.

The final chapter of this book contains a set of what I consider to be the key insights that the spirit guides have provided in this book.

I have chosen to write this book under a pseudonym in order to preserve my own and my wife's privacy and anonymity. Questions and other content that I have contributed are shown in italic form throughout. Questions which have been sent in from 2002 to 2005 by visitors to the site are colored in blue throughout the text, followed by their spirit guide answers.



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