This chapter deals with the possibility that the earth may experience extreme physical changes in the coming years.


Are there major changes to the earth which may occur in the next few years?


What is the likelihood of those changes occurring?

We say without a doubt that there will be changes, extreme changes in the current conditions of living on earth. The physical earth changes that will take place we will say at this time are 75% to 85% definite, but the degree to which this will take place is not yet understood.

What is the physical nature of those changes and how will different areas on earth be affected?

Extreme physical changes will take place within a certain period of time (three days)--floods, high winds, earthquakes, and volcanoes interrupting and interfering with the sunlight of earth. They've already begun to happen. You will notice extreme changes in weather conditions throughout your entire world. At some point they will become extreme enough and affect enough people that finally people on earth will become aware that there are obviously events taking place that are disrupting earth life. This will happen before three days of extreme earth changes. Again, the degree to which these earth changes will take place is as yet unknown. Prior to the environmental earth changes, you will see many earth global political changes take place as well. Most likely you will see some wars taking place that will affect the northern hemisphere of your earth.

After this time that we see three days of extreme earth changes and earth conditions happening, the changes upon life on earth will be affected by the degree of those changes. Those on earth play an important role in determining their collective consciousness which will affect the severity or lack of extreme earth conditions. Obviously any land which is adjacent to the ocean will most likely (and this is on any part of your earth) be destroyed and the coastlines will come inland a considerable amount of distance. It is unlikely but possible that you may see an actual change in the direction of polar axes that is different from what you now know on earth. You will see many islands destroyed. You will see earthquakes in areas in which earthquakes have never been predicted. You in your United States will see them inland and in the midwestern part of your country. India will see earthquakes. And the obvious locations throughout your earth that are already susceptible will also be experiencing them.

There will be volcanic eruptions and many will occur in the oceans where it is not normally thought to have that type of event taking place. Let us say again, we can tell you that you can look at all of these earth changes from one extreme to the other in severity because we at this time cannot tell you how severe it will be. The only thing we can and will tell you is that beyond a shadow of a doubt there will be changes in everyone's lifestyle throughout your earth and it is important for everyone to become aware of this and to begin preparations for something that they do not want to believe will be happening. Beyond the earth changes, you will have much governmental changes and strife taking place.

What will be the amount of human life lost?

Again it depends upon the severity of these changes and on the willingness of people to become aware of how they can prepare and support one another and in their building survival communities and supporting life after that. This will be also a time of strife and you will see many people trying to take away from those who prepared. We would say that once you on earth become very aware that these changes are happening, for these are your signs and warnings of what is to come, you will be able to share in your communities and help support survival. How many people are affected depends upon what information individuals are given through the media and through accepting channeled communications such as this even though the government will try to deny that these changes are going to be happening. And yet governments throughout the world are already preparing for such changes.

Are governmental actions underway to deal with these earth changes?

There are many covert actions being taken place by governments at this very minute. At this time these preparations by government are being done with the idea of saving the governments and the population being secondary. So those who hold offices throughout the world are those who will be given first and immediate survival accommodations. The governments in many countries throughout your world are not giving any attention to the survival of the masses of people at this time. They are doing everything they can to deny and suppress any information that could be helpful and could validate that such changes are going to take place but your world governments do not want this to be known.

What is the physical cause of these earth changes?

There is an unknown planet which will probably induce some earth changes because of its passage but probably not to the extent that it would cause the earth's polar axes to shift. There will also be objects from the universe falling, causing meteorite destruction as well and most likely, as we see your world in the condition it is in now, you will see more wars and destruction by terrorists and bombs.

What is the spiritual meaning of these earth changes?

It has to do with how many times you on earth have been given the opportunities to evolve into different beings than what you have. There are many beings within your earth who continue to evolve in their connection with the entire universe but, generally speaking, and in your government in particular, there is no real connection between individuals and their inner Godself. The morality and the values, along with the wealth that your world continues to see, are terribly destructive and, instead of moving into higher consciousness in spiritual realms, the majority of the people of the earth are lost to their own inner self, their inner spirit and the connectiveness of all. We do not like to use the phrase evil and good, battling it out, but in essence this is what you will see. For your world cannot continue to live in the extremely poor value systems and lack of respect for one another that it is currently participating in at this time. There are many religious and spiritual organizations out there which are based more on man-made laws of their own religious organization and not on the truth of the spiritual laws.

The spiritual consciousness of many of these organizations on your earth is going to be confronted with the lack of spiritual consciousness found in many from the lack of morals and values and respect for the beliefs of each other. So, though we hate to use the expression, evil vs. good, the bottom line is that regardless of earth changes, to what degree they are the result of, all of it will come down to evil fighting with good. For you on earth have lost your way and instead of generally raising consciousness with all of the prosperity you are lost in less than desirable ways of life, in selfishness, in disrespect and in the demise of healthy morals and values.

When will the most severe of these changes take place?

As you know, things have accelerated since 2004. We see many changes upon your earth. We are seeing wars increasing. We are seeing planet changes increasing and weather changes taking place in different parts of your world that have rarely if ever happened before. We are seeing hundreds of thousands of people dying from these earth changes, weather changes. Yet it has not fully begun because there is much concern among the people upon earth--because there are many becoming more aware and are looking to their higher selves for help and understanding. They are raising the consciousness of this earth. We are seeing many people who are not currently experiencing severe earth change events beginning to help these struggling countries and people who are. We are seeing more and more people becoming aware and trying to communicate their awareness of the earth and weather changes that are taking place. Because of this evolvement and involvement of others in your world who can help those who are struggling, you are seeing the consciousness being raised and thus the more severe events that will take place are moving forward in time. So for now we see the dramatic changes happening between 2008 and 2010. We are pleased to see there are more people stepping forward to help the world in general that has been the case before. But it is still not enough. We believe still that there will be severe, severe earth changes taking place throughout your world. Governments, politics, financial systems, and wars will all be causing much additional confusion and failures.

We hope that people are beginning to become aware of these impending events and will begin to learn to support each other and form communities so that they will understand what is happening and begin to make preparations for their survival.

Is there any way that these changes can be ameliorated?

We believe as we mentioned earlier the values and the disrespect that is taking place on your earth at this time in every country is also accompanied by the acceleration of those wishing to evolve into a higher consciousness level, as people continue to reach out to their higher consciousness and to connect with it and begin to see that they do not exist on this earth as an individual but they exist on this earth as a oneness and that their actions, their thoughts, their words, their deeds, have an effect upon every level of energy on your world. More and more people will become aware of their oneness and as this continues to increase and they are willing to take responsibility for their spiritual evolution you will see that this energy of consciousness becomes more and more powerful and is able to help lessen the amount of severity in earth changes as well as in conflicts that will take place. As we have told you before, we cannot tell you how severe it will be and it is because of those who continue to help raise the consciousness and the vibration of energy upon your earth.

But have no doubt, there still will be great needs for survival communities and for these communities to support one another for your earth is about to experience great changes and as you continue in your spiritual evolution prior to these changes you will see how you can overcome many of the great challenges that will be affecting everyone. We will again remind you that these challenges will not only be earth change challenges but you will be facing global political and financial challenges as well.

Will unanticipated help be provided people on earth to deal with these changes?

Yes. This unanticipated help will come from many sources and from much of the spiritual evolution and higher consciousness of individuals upon earth. That is all we would like to say about that at this time.

Should humans make survival preparations for themselves and also help others to survive, regardless of the hardships prior to and after these changes?

We feel that those who become aware of these earthly challenges that you will be facing have a responsibility to share that communication with others. Everyone has a choice. There is no right or wrong in the choices that an individual might make. There are many people on your earth that will say--I will live to the fullest I can until it is time for me to make my transformation and I will cross over without becoming involved in any survival activities at all. These individuals are not afraid of what you on earth call death for they know there is no death. They know they are only going home. That is not a wrong decision and should not be looked upon as such but when you have been given the opportunity to know of these future events please look at the responsibility that you are also being given. You are being given the opportunity to help further life upon earth from a much higher spiritual experience of life on earth through those who willingly accept going through these challenges and hardships. And have no doubt that there will be hardships.

We see a period of four or five years of struggle to re-establish a more comfortable way of living--though it will never, ever be the way that it was prior to all these changes taking place. If you choose to help yourself, your family and your community to go through these challenges you will experience a life on earth of great love and great caring. But it will come with a price and that price is the higher collective consciousness of all, knowing of their oneness together, and the loss of self-centeredness. We cannot say how many will survive this regardless of what their spiritual consciousness is. We know that it will take strong individuals who are willing to survive all that will be thrown at them, but the strength is not in their physical abilities, their political abilities, or their financial abilities, their strength will come from their spiritualness. So that the poorest and the weakest will be as strong as any other one if they are willing to accept their oneness with all others for that is where the strength of survival will come from. And that is where the beauty of life on the other side of this survival will be.

How will human lifestyle and consciousness be affected in subsequent years after these changes?

After these physical changes take place on earth those who have survived and who have moved into their higher spiritual consciousness, higher than anything anyone on earth at this time could possibly conceive of, you will see an earth world that is loving and supporting, that is caring and thoughtful. You will see a world that is willing to work together and to accept the differences of all. The conflicts that you currently experience on earth from religious, political, financial, social differences--these conflicts will no longer be as they are today and different points of view and perceptions will be acknowledged and accepted or compromises be made for each individual's thoughts in a way that is not so now.

You will find a world that will be living with higher levels of telepathic communications, much higher healing ability and much fewer diseases, much more tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness. These will be everyday natural experiences and will not require any effort whatsoever to live in a world such as that. This does not mean that you will not be faced with challenges for you will continuously be faced with challenges and with choices. But you will be able to live through these and experience these from a different dimension than you now experience.

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