This chapter deals with the various ways that adult humans die, from old age to infancy, singly and in groups, and from age, illness or violence. It describes the first steps in transition from human life to spirit life.


Old age

We would like to approach the first death, which you on earth would classify as the perfect death, as someone who has lived a long life and is about to make their transition into spirit life without any complications of disease or trauma. This person will be prepared to meet the other life, and has often, regardless of what their spiritual evolution through life was, come to the end of life at a very wisened age, and is prepared to be met by some form of energy on the other side. They know that they have often outlived their own children, many of their siblings, and most of their friends so they somehow, regardless of their evolutionary spiritual evolvement through life, have come through various ages they have experienced to know that there is more and are waiting their transformation without fear but knowing they are going to a better place. There will be those who know that they are going to be met by spirits of their past loved ones.

Oftentimes before they make their immediate transition these spirits of loved ones will become apparent in their environment they are having each day and they will feel a sense of peace, a sense of knowing that all is well and will be making their transition without any sense of struggle but with ease and in peace. What these people meet on the other side often has to do with what their spiritual experiences were in their lifetime. As a person reaches their wisened old age they have learned forgiveness and acceptance and they are quite capable and quite able to release all of the old negative energies that you all seem to carry with you on earth. We will say that these individuals have come to know in a natural way that they are connected to another life. How they are connected to this other life depends on how they have opened their heart up as they have lived their life on earth to the connection of their higher self into their inner knowledge of their spirit being. But in most cases those who have reached that age have been able to let go of the majority of the negative energies in their life and are going to be crossing over with a sense of peace. Others, however, may be afraid to let go and move on.

Disease in old age

The next grouping we will discuss is people who have lived to be many years on your earth who are going to be making their transition from this earth with a disease or dis-ease in their bodies. We think of individuals who have gotten Alzheimer's disease, who have other cancerous diseases, people who had to have surgery at a very critical time in their lives, leading to immediate transition from earth. We would like to say that, as you see more and more people in your world becoming disabled with the disease of Alzheimer's, we believe that you are seeing so much more of this because of all the chemical trespassing into your air, your environment, into your food and we believe that much of what you are seeing is coming from your own neglect and abuse and greed on earth and is affecting much of your people.

Those that are carrying for years this disease of Alzheimer's are living in two worlds. They are not able to totally connect to all that is going on in earth in their life at a present day experience but they are able to recall with and sometimes without the light their past experiences on earth in the current life they are having. They also are able to move into a childlike world and we use that expression--a childlike world--spiritually and emotionally we would say. Because they are not able to totally connect with spirit world and they are...we do not use the word lost though often you might think that they are lost in between two worlds but are still connected much more to the earth world than they have reached the connection to the spirit world.

They often have times where they are under your earth ideas of life connected very briefly to everything that is in the present three-dimensional world. Oftentimes when this happens they are able to make a conscious decision or choice whether to continue on in that experience or to make the choice to let go completely and move into the spirit world. Because they are not in any great distress and are being provided for, they have no great need to be relieved from your earthly experiences for they know that the choice they made before coming to earth was to live here for a certain period of years and they are willing to accept that under the condition they are living in with this disease of Alzheimer's.

Oftentimes when they have a complete total present day connection, they will then decide that this is no longer important for them to be here and they have a much stronger sense of their connection with the other side and ask to be released from this lifetime and do so with peace and with great joy. We are often told by higher beings that many times the children are left to be the parents of their own parents, to see and experience what it was like for their parents to be the parent of them as a child. So the role reversal that many experience during this time is a great spiritual and heart opening experience for both the parent and the child and the child-parent and the parent-child .

For those other individuals who have reached a life into old age on earth and are experiencing their transition through great physical difficulties and disharmony, death is looked upon as a great doorway opening up for them to move on. Oftentimes they are angry at the steps that are being taken to try to keep them earthbound and would much rather be left to just make their transition on their own. They often feel more mercy is given to your animals at such a time than is given to humans. They often experience anger and disbelief at what artificial means are being taken to prolong their physical discomfort and not allow them to move into their transition naturally. Those that make the transition from this place in life are able to separate their anger and their displeasure of the steps being taken on earth to be able to move into a place of anticipation and joy knowing that they are going home.

Oftentimes you will visualize a loved one in the hospital connected to many different machines and being artifically restrained from making their transition. Spirits who are being restrained in such ways and know that their transition is imminent often are out of their body and not even laying there in this body that is mechanically being held back. They would often like to be be able to touch one of their loved ones so that they could say please release me from this. Loved ones often are around and feel such guilt and such helplessness they are not able to feel or hear their connection from their loved one about asking them to release them. You think on earth you have done so much in the name of medicine to help individuals lead a longer life. Oftentimes you are hindering that spirit from moving on. Individuals who have lived a long life on earth are always greeted by loved ones who have preceded them. They also make their transition with a great sense of anticipation of returning home, more so than other adults who have yet to have lived quite so long a life. We find that many people who have lived long, long lives on earth are prepared to make their transition knowing they are going home regardless of what their religious or spiritual experience has been on earth. They seem to have this knowing, just as children who come to earth still retain that knowing. Itís as though they have made a full circle with knowing about their true home.

Sudden illness

We would like to now discuss with you about an individual as an adult. There are two different types of illness that we see as an adult. One is a sudden death without much warning to it, such as a person who has a heart attack or stroke or aneurism That person is taken quite by surprise at their death as well as all those around them. When this happens from a natural cause--a sudden death such as this--generally always the spirit of the person is aware that this is going to happen to them and has been prepared on a spiritual level for this happening and knows the impact that it has on them as well as those around them. When this happens the spirit is met by all of its loved ones who have already crossed over and are waiting to greet them . And they do not enter this type of a death with a great deal of confusion because there is something that has been awakened within them prior to their earth passing that they know on another level is about to take place and are far more prepared for it than someone who generally is in an accident or suffers a trauma-type death. These people who go from such a death are, as we said, far more prepared than those who have been left on earth and are met by loved ones.

 Lengthy illness

Those adults who die from an illness that has continued on for an lengthy amount of time are truly being given the opportunity to explore their life on earth, their connection with God and the new adventure that they are facing more imminently than the majority of people on earth choose to face death. It is a wonderful time and should be looked at from a different perspective than those of you on earth choose to look at it. Though the individuals will be suffering on a physical level they are being given an opportunity to advance their spirit very quickly from any other time they have lived on earth because they generally speaking did not take the opportunity to look at themselves as spiritual beings or, if they were religious beings, they are now being given the opportunity to look at and embrace their spiritual self in a way that they had never done. We would say that this is a wonderful time for all family members. And though you on earth feel a great sense of sadness about the person that is about to leave we think that it is a time for everyone to be so open and honest and to speak with so much love but the majority of the time this is not done. It would help everybody if you all on earth knew how to be more open and to discuss the events that are taking place and the feelings about those events as well as discussing the challenges and excitement that is being presented to the individual who knows they will soon be crossing over.

But instead of ignoring the issue we find that it is a time to embrace it and accept it and be joyful for the new journey the individual is going to be taking. We know that you on earth feel that death is a closure and the ending of something. In reality it is just a continuation of the other life that you have always known and really desire to go home to. Those who die from long term illnesses are often put through many medical procedures that are trying to prolong their life but really do not give them much quality of life. We know that it is important for all of you to think that you have fought and fought and done everything you can to continue living on earth.

Why we think this avenue has been given to individuals to prolong their life is not because of the actual prolonging of it but to give them an opportunity to open up to their spirit self and allow them to say--I have moved forward in the quality of life that I feel within me regardless of all the outside procedures (and many times what they feel is the injustice of what they are going through). We believe those who have what you on earth call them, terminal illnesses, again it is an opportunity for them to explore their new life they will be approaching but to also help those on earth to willingly accept and lovingly acknowledge that life does go on and to be open and share that. So often the individual who is suffering from a terminal illness is left to feel totally alone and totally isolated with many questions and many fears and is afraid to even venture into what they are feeling internally with families for fear of intruding upon the individual with what they are really feeling inside of them.

It is a far more loving experience as one is in the grips of this terminal illness to be able to be open and communicating all they are feeling whether it be anger and fear, or love and excitement, or depression We do not go into those feelings. We look at all those feelings just surrounding them and their physical health but we do not on earth go into what oftentimes those real feelings are. And that is, they know they are facing death imminently and are afraid to discuss all that they are experiencing and feeling.

Once an individual dies from a prolonged illness, they feel they have truly been set free and though oftentimes left with a shell of a body, they are able to embrace without fear their new adventure for they have found that they are no longer this body and that they are able to communicate with their loved ones who will be remaining on earth this sense of freedom that they have. They also will be able to experience the physical discomforts and the pain that they are experiencing from another perspective and that is an openness of being able to communicate all that is going on inside of them. What they are going through is not only their lesson, and their adventure in being able to progress spiritually, but also the opportunity for those around them to be able to progress spiritually as well.

We feel that people who have been left to die on machines that are just keeping them going, if they could, would be saying to you: "Please remove this. I want to go. I do not want to be bound here on earth. It is time for me to move." But in your own selfishness, out of fear of not doing enough, or in your own selfishness of wanting to keep the individual with you regardless of the quality of life they are experiencing, you are not helping that soul and that spirit at all.

And we know that you on earth want to do whatever you can but there comes a time when it's time to say--let this spirit move on. And the only way on earth that you can do this more and more is by embracing death instead of running from it in fear. Many times individuals who are in the prime of their life who receive such terrible news will have many spirits around them to help them through their difficult time, and help them make decisions on when they choose to cross over if they would only be open to that. But those who do not have any understanding of the other dimension of their life do not understand that at all times they have angels and guides with them. And when they begin this journey of a terminal illness they do not understand that they have many spirit loved ones around them as well, encouraging them to turn within and find their own inner strength--not just for what they are going through but so that they can be free of the fear of what they are facing with imminent death.

Those who die from a terminal illness who are much more elderly often have a stronger sense of going home and wish to be released as soon as possible. That is because as one advances in their age and maturity and wisdom they realize that they are about to take a very sacred journey and though they do not understand it they seem to be more willing to embrace it . Even those in your life who you would consider non-spiritual beings--by the time they reach a level of age and wisdom--know that their crossing over will be met with love and with others who are there to embrace them and welcome them. Those who are released from long time terminal illnesses feel that the shackles and weights have been completely removed from their life once they are about to make that crossing over and often times want to do it much faster than those on earth are willing to let them do. This is because you are either restraining them by your bond of wanting to keep them here and as well can be restraining them with the physical machines to try to retain them here.

Sudden death from an accident

We would now like to talk about death that happens to individuals suddenly. At this time we are just going to talk about accidents. We are not going to talk about murders or suicides. So we will talk about people who now have a sudden death from an accident, and by sudden we mean someone who is taken instantly from an accident or who is held back for a very brief time, less than a week on earth, from an accident based on the machines they are attached to.

First, let's talk about those who have died in a sudden accident and are not in a mass group of individuals dying at one time We will discuss those who have been in any type of accident whether it be gunshot accident, a car accident, a drowning--it does not matter. We are going to talk about those who have this sudden death from any type of accident. We have said to you that oftentimes when people die, before crossing over into the spirit life, they know how they are going to die, and basically when they are going to die and the majority of the time this is the case.

However, energy from another individual can intercept your energy and will make a sudden change of events from what you originally came to to earth expecting as "pre-programmed". This would be something that perhaps at a future time we would discuss more of but right now we want just to go into the aspects of the sudden death, more than how it was programmed or interfered with from the original human's life when they agreed to come back to earth. A person who is suddenly stricken down from an accident that they knew would most likely occur and agreed to when they came back into this human life knows that this has happened to them for the reason of helping those left on earth. Not only those who maybe were close to them and loved them deeply but who it could affect all around them and even total strangers. There was a very definite reason for their death at that time and in that manner.

Those on earth do not understand how valuable the human body is, and that it can be used to prolong many lives on earth So if someone is suddenly stricken down and has organ parts that could help other individuals continue on in life, that is often the lesson that you on earth should understand so that you can embrace the sudden tragic death by knowing that that individual's human body is going to continue giving life to other human bodies on earth. Many individuals who cross over from sudden accidental death would like for you all to know and understand that and help each other in times of such tragic events taking place.

Those who cross over from sudden accidental death--not in mass proportion at this time but on a much smaller basis--when they cross over and they are by themselves or with just a few others in an accident and it is one which has been programmed in and agreed-upon in the contract of life--find out how suddenly surprised they are to find themselves on the other side but with a knowing when it instantly happens that this was to be the case and are excited about being back home. They do not have a sense of confusion or alarm or doubt about what has happened. There is a certain knowing instantly at the time of death that they are going home and that this was what was meant to be. They would love to be able to explain this to the loved ones they have left behind so that it would help with the trauma and the shock that families are experiencing. They would love to be able to tell their loved ones to please use any part of their body that could be used for they are no longer that body and it does not matter to them one iota of what happens to it.

It is though on a subconscious level the individual knows that this is going to happen and begins to sense the presence of loved ones who have already crossed over to help embrace them as they come over. There is not an emergency call put out to these spirits of the most recently loved one who has died to come quickly, we need you to help escort this one to their new journey. But because it has been pre-programmed the loved ones are there to already meet them and to be waiting at the time of impact and instant death.

Sudden death from an accident caused by another individual

Next we consider those who have died a sudden death, and not in a mass accident of people crossing over, but who have died from the interference of the energy of another individual, whether it be through a drunken driver, through an accidental shooting, any type of death that has involved the interference of the energy of another individual. We are going to try to explain this to you as best as we can. In this type of death the individual was not prepared for it. They do cross over in a state of confusion and loved ones have hastily been gathered to help welcome them. And when we say hastily, this was because this was not an event that was preplanned. It is the interference of another's energy into one's life path. We know that there would be many upon earth who do not believe this to be the case. Unfortunately, it is the case and we cannot at this time give you a full explanation as to why this happens. We just know that there is an intersection of energy that often times crosses over into one's own path and changes one's entire destiny.

We would say that perhaps that that has happened, not for an earthly reason but is an awakening for the individual spirit to come forth in a way that it never had in their life before. This person who meets with this sudden death by the intervention of some other energy from another being is often confused when they first cross over and will feel that this was not meant to be. They will have angel guides and counselors who are with them as well as their family members and other loved ones to really help cushion and shelter the sudden change they are feeling within themselves. This crossing over could be at times a little more difficult for an individual than under other circumstances.

Multiple sudden death from an accident

We would say that those who die suddenly in a mass amount of people, some are prepared for what is going to happen and others again have had an energy cross their path that interfered with what they thought was going to be a normal cycle of life for them. All initially feel a sense of confusion--even those who most quickly realize that this was their life path. But the sense of confusion comes from so much energy all of a sudden being released immediately. And the lack of understanding of what's happening to each one of these individuals creates sort of a whirlwind of activities by both sides, the earth side as well as the spiritual side.

We feel that those who have crossed over with many other spirits all at one time are greeted in their place of confusion and lack of understanding, not only by loved ones, but are greeted by many guides and angels to help them make this transition, because many times there are so many mixed levels of consciousness and ethnic understanding. In reality, oftentimes loved ones do not gather with the individual spirit initially but those who have just crossed over are all held together by a bond of suddenness of soul transfer and therefore have many teachers, guides and angels to help them all with this sudden mass encounter of being spirit self rather than human self. Because there is no time in heaven, we cannot tell you how long this happens. It could be an instantaneous thing and then they are put together with family members immediately so that they can know that they are not alone for that is often the initial fear of such spirits. They feel they are alone, regardless of what their religious upbringing has been, but almost instantly realize that they are all part of this large group of individuals who have suddenly left their human bodies and are all making this transition together. There are many angels, spirit guides and counselors with them. So this initial feeling of sudden darkness and aloneness is vanished almost before it has begun.

There is a great deal of love and connectiveness within this group of new spirit souls. Though they have become aware of their own loved ones they do not unite with them immediately. It is important that as a group they understand why and what has happened to them and the role their crossing over plays with everyone who remains on earth. There is an understanding and acceptance of the new spirit souls of the need for them to remain together as a group for what we on earth would consider a small amount of time to be guided through this sudden change of events which many were not pre-programmed to experience. Once this has taken place each individual spirit soon finds itself connecting with their own loved ones and then begins their own individual spirit journey. At a future time we would like to discuss how these changed events affect the spirit souls' new journey from how it would have been had they been allowed to continue the original human life journey they had expected before crossing over so suddenly. So you see, not only does the human life's journey change by this interference of energy, so does the spirit soul journey change.

Random murder with no prior agreement

We would now like to discuss people who died by murder this time, then we will move into how individuals are met and what happens when they leave their bodies at the time of death.

The first type of death by murder that we will look at is just a random murder, such as a drive-by shooting, murder during attempted robbery, murder that is in essence not a planned murder. There are two types of death by random murder. There are those where they were not agreed upon initially when the soul that has been murdered made the choice to come into this lifetime. Then there are those who have been murdered who have known all along that this would be their destiny. As with accidents that were not pre-agreed upon, those that have had an interference in their energy by others--when they find that they have died from a random murder--initially are in a great state of shock. And they have no idea what is going on and what has happened to them. And we are speaking generally of those who die instantly. Those who move into a hospital and are having medical staff try to support their life have a little different experience but generally both are very confused initially.

Those who have died instantly are in as much a state of shock as the family and loved ones who have been left on earth. They were not prepared for this at another level. We know there will be those who do not agree with this concept, just as the same as with accidents, but there are cases where there is an interference of energies that do create such circumstances. Those who have died instantly and even those who have medical staff working on them know that something is different and at first cannot understand what has happened. There will be instantly with them spirit guides and angels to help comfort them and to help them understand what has happened just like those who died together in large groups.

Once, after this initial period of shock has worn off, then besides the angels and spirit guides that are with them, they will then begin to see loved ones who have crossed over before them. This will then add additional comfort and they will begin to realize what has taken place in their experience. Because they have been so suddenly and abruptly pulled from their human life, just as those who die under normal circumstances have initial human feelings and emotions, so are those who have been murdered allowed to feel their anger and their sadness. Though these are not feelings and emotions that remain with them very long, they are initially allowed to have such feelings so that they can make a clean closure on their human life. This allows those in many cases, not just murder, to move from their humanness into their spirit with a clean slate, because they need to have more of a time period, as you on earth would call it, for this release and this period of transformation that has come as such a shock to them .

So there is much understanding and acceptance from the angels and the spirit guides who are there with them to allow them to experience these human feelings and emotions. There are those who cannot move from those feelings of anger and sadness who cling to their human life and are not willing to accept their transformation into spirit. No matter how much the spirit guides and angels and loved ones try to help them cross over, they are unwilling to do so. These are the souls that you on earth talk about as ghosts. In death, as you on earth call it, as in life you are given free choices. You have a free will. Many times there are spirit souls who cannot release themselves from their human connections and you will see this many times in cases of murder of any type.

Random murder with prior agreement

Then there is murder of individuals who have agreed upon this as a circumstance of their life prior to reincarnating. Oftentimes before an individual dies in any circumstance they have a sense of something about to change. Oftentimes they will make a comment to a loved one that seems so out of context for that experience they are sharing right then and then will often die from being murdered or from a sudden accident. But later the loved one on earth will recall that statement and think of it as almost a premonition of the events that then take place. These are individuals who have agreed upon the type of transformation that they would make and there seems to be a level of knowing that it is about to take place.

Those who are murdered and have agreed upon this type of transformation have done so for they know that what is happening in their life is going to help many other people. Oftentimes it is something very obvious such as the little boy from California who was murdered in Italy and many of his body parts were donated to save lives of many others. Oftentimes it is because there is a murderer out there who needs to be caught and they know that they are the source of this individual to be caught.

There is always a reason for this person to have agreed upon this transition. Sometimes it is not always the most evident experience but it can affect one individual only and that's all that was required--the purpose of that individual's life on earth. Those who have agreed upon this human to spirit transformation will have loved ones as well as angels and their spirit guides waiting for them. They will not be in a place of shock or denial but know that it is time for them to be going home. On a spiritual level they are in acceptance of this type of human to spirit transformation and do not need to go through a series of human and emotional feelings about their departure from earth for they realize this was what they had expected from this life time on earth. And they greet those who have come to help assist them with much love and with much joy though during the time on earth that this individual's family is going through all of the events required.

The spirit who has crossed over is with their families and loved ones a great deal of the time with his spirit guides and angels and family members behind him, supporting him as he is trying to support the loved ones they have left behind. They often will give signs during their wake, during their memorial services, during the time of family gathering that somehow they are still there and are trying to help support those around them. They often stay with loved ones for a much longer time than those who die from other circumstances.

Death as an advanced soul

There are many on earth who think they are old wise souls and we realize that many people do not have a concept whatsoever of what a wise old soul is. The majority of individuals on earth have made many reincarnations and just because an individual has made many reincarnations does not necessarily mean that it has achieved a level of spiritual wisdom. We will say that those who have achieved a level of understanding of who they are and who are open to accepting these other dimensions are often the individuals who have reincarnated not only as earthlings but as other beings and have many, many lifetimes in both forms. In heaven there are many different beings. Humans are not the only ones here. Those who have had many different lifetimes, especially those who have had different lifetimes as different types of beings, are spirits who, when they cross over again, have a very specific place in heaven. They have, so to speak, jobs that they know they are going to come home to--a place in heaven that they never can quite experience on earth because they feel this tremendous longing to be where what they know as home and to what they know as a complete fulfilling experience versus those that they often do not receive upon earth.

Many times individuals who have come back to earth as highly evolved spirits, live what many individuals would consider a disconnected life to earth, because they do not fit in the mold of what the masses on earth think is an an appropriate lifestyle and sense of belonging. And that is because these highly evolved spirits do not have that sense of belonging to earth as they do to other places. When a highly evolved spirit crosses over from earth--and we would say to you there are many highly evolved spirits on earth who are not Ghandi's or Mother Teresa's or saints or inventors or rescuers but just everyday people who are achieving as much as many other highly publicized individuals are. But in their own way and in their own time--their contributions are as great if not greater than figures in the limelight.

Many times these advanced spirits when they cross over do not go through exactly the same crossing-over process as people of the masses do. They always are met with guides and angels and most generally briefly meet with the loved ones they had on earth and are given a life review on earth but receive it much differently than the masses do. They are given an opportunity as well to experience some things perhaps they did not experience on earth and would like to do so, but they move almost immediately into their spirit form and do not need any earth contacts or experiences to help them disconnect from their human experience as most do. They are so delighted to be back into their energy of spirit that their earth connections are extremely limited.

Many of these individuals had places and "jobs" or responsibilities in heaven and look forward to return to those places immediately for that is where they know their spiritual purpose is unfolding at a higher vibrational level and the joy of what they are doing is the essence of who they are as a spirit. For the spirits vibrate at various energy levels and though they can be anything or anywhere they know what their spiritual purpose is and readily move into that place of energy vibration. Whereas others, who would be called the general public or the masses, move more gradually into their spirit life and move more within a group of cellular spirits as well or a cell, so to speak, as they continue their spiritual evolvement.

The next sections describe the variations in the crossing-over experience arising from the type of death.

Crossing over en masse

The first case that we will discuss is that of individuals who have died en masse in a large group, from accidents, from murders, from any type of large en masse human to spirit transition. These souls have all come together. Many have agreed upon this type of spirit transition before it happens. Others are those whose energies have again been interfered with in their energy path. All of these individuals remain together as a group for they require a great deal of assistance in their transition. These souls that are crossing over en masse like this are all in a tunnel together for a short period of time as they enter into heaven and cross over. It seems as though they also have their own individualized tunnel, for they are able to see loved ones off in the distance, as they perceive it, who have come together to help them feel reassured from the shock and trauma of which they crossed over.

Though they remain as a group, each individual is met with a spirit guide and an angel--sort of in a community room until the most imminent shock has worn off. This angel and spirit guide is to help them with their transition from human to spirit and take away their sense of fear and shock at what's happening to them, but also to help them in their confusion to help their loved ones who have remained on earth as well. As those humans on earth form together in a group ceremony, those who have crossed over remain in a group as well to help support all of those left on earth. They are then moved back to earth as individuals with many spirit guides with them to help them say goodby and to see their loved ones on earth through this tragic and shockful time for them.

This is a little different process than individuals dying, because the frequency of the energy is so much higher with so many individuals together. As they come back from their either memorial services or just being with families, whatever their experience is, to say their goodbyes,--as they come back and they continue this crossing over, they actually then begin their own individualized crossing over in a tunnel that is their own tunnel (though it is extremely large and does not feel confining at all) but is their own individualized tunnel. They will be greeted by loved ones and be reassured that their existence is continuing. They feel themselves released from this high vibrational energy that they created with all of those that died with them at one time.

Many times there are many people who have died together as a large group who are also spirit companions and share the same spirit family though they perhaps did not share in human life at all. As with many other types of death there will be those souls who refuse to accept this as a reality and will not be able to move forward into their spirit life. They generally remain within the same physical areas as where their death took place. Though there will be many angels and spirit guides who will work with these individuals for what you on earth would consider a long period of time, they eventually realize that spirit soul has made its choice and that they are to accept the choice that spirit soul has made and move on.

Crossing over as an individual

Those who are dying from an individual traumatic death from accident or violence most generally are allowed to leave their body so that they do not experience the physical pain. They have not actually begun the actual crossing over yet but know that it is imminent and that they are comforted by spirit guides who are there with them helping them to understand the process that is taking place. They are all thrown into an initial place of darkness and then are met by a very bright light. This is instantaneous but the darkness is the shock of what has happened. They see a large white multi-colored light, extremely bright colors in shades of blues, golds, and yellows, greens and whites, lavenders. This light is so bright that the angels and the spirit guides help to soften the brightness so that the spirit souls that have just crossed over are not so terribly frightened initially. Yet it is a light that is brighter than they have ever experienced. Within this light even though they are confused they feel a place of peace and have a knowing that they are being protected and loved.

These are all very soft, very subtle colors but very well defined and this is the case for all who are entering a tunnel at the time of crossing over or imminent crossing over. A soul who is crossing over finds himself immediately in a place of love and comfort and warmth, safety and release, protection--but in a place where they feel love, in a place where they feel complete and total freedom. They can even be in a hospital room looking down upon themself laying there, but feel no sense of the confinement of a room. Even those who will attend their own memorial services, their own wakes, will be in a room with loved ones but again have no sense of the confinement of a room as those of you in a three-dimensional world do.

Crossing over without prior agreement

Certain souls have received a place of peace and though this might not have been agreed upon in the initial time of incarnation for this type of death, they do give permission for it to be happening to them so that they are crossing over. Their crossing over at times is, although it is not agreed upon, when another energy field intercepts their own energy field. We say they are given a choice because they are shown, whether their life continues on earth or they cross over, how it will affect those around them. And the majority of the time they agree to cross over even though they realize that not all their life lessons have been completed but that their crossing over is going to affect the life lessons of many, many more.

So their contribution to earthlings left behind is as great is if they had continued their own life lessons. They are sort of given brownie merits, boy scout merits, girl scout merits, for agreeing to this change of events from what they thought would take place in their life originally. This is not always the case with those who suffer sudden and violent death but there are times when this experience was not something they had foreseen in their initial agreement of reincarnating. When individuals meet these sudden shocks of change of energy form from human into spirit forms they are greeted with far more angels and guides and spirit support initially than the immediate presence of family and loved ones, though they do sense and feel their family and loved ones around them. They require a higher spiritual level to help them with this move from this most recent traumatic life experience into their spirit experience.

Crossing over from long term illness

Those who cross over from long term illnesses, when their death is very imminent, they too often leave their bodies and are trying to encourage loved ones to allow them to continue their crossing over, either through the strong emotional bonds that the individuals on earth are trying to keep their loved ones with them and/or from the mechanical equipment that is attached to their physical body to try to keep it going. Those that are crossing over from a long term illness often are out of their bodies watching all the experiences going on around them and have guides and teachers and angels with them as well. This process could take place in earth time for several days. It is not something that has a time limit on it. This individual who knows it is going to be crossing over not only will see angels and spirit guides with them, but they will see an imense bright light again with the many different shades and colors. They will experience the tunnel and those waiting for them down the tunnel, though they know that they are not yet released from their human body to be able to move all the way down the tunnel.

Once an individual is released from its human body from a long term illness it no longer feels the pain or the suffering or the agony that the disease had caused the body, for a sense of being encumbered by all the procedures and physical feelings of the disease has left their body and they feel free to feel again without all the restraints that had been placed upon their life. Their energy moves and vibrates at a higher level than it had in the human body. Again it is greeted in contact with for quite some time all the angels and spirit teachers it has experienced through all its life incarnations. It moves through this tunnel with the assistance of these loved spirits and moves into an area where its earth loved ones in its most current incarnation have formed ahead of them. It becomes like a large family reunion, a class of friends reunion on the other side. They will see and be together again with many of the people they loved and cared about in their life.

 Why do some persons on earth endure an extremely long period of pain and suffering before they cross over? This does not seem to be equitable.

 Oftentimes those who have chosen that path have made a decision prior to coming to earth that that will be the path that they take. People hold on to bodies that are just completely shutting down--their minds, their brains, many of the functions of the body. And they hold on to this pain and suffering for several reasons: the most prominent one is that they are so afraid of dying that living in the current earth-bound condition seems far better to them than letting go and dying. Often-times they love their loved ones so much they just can't let go and move on but perhaps they are also teaching their loved ones some experiences that are very important for their spiritual growth. Another reason is so they can become a part of higher energies that are looking for cures to illnesses and become involved in that field and know that something that is so terribly wrong with them can also be the cure for others.

Why do many people accept the fact that their spirit will transition into the afterlife but nevertheless hold on and fight at the end of their life to stay alive?

 For fear. For many, many lifetimes upon your earth you have been taught of heaven and hell and the dark side and the light side, and have not been given the true accurate picture of life in the spirit world. And so it is out of fear. It is out of fear and out of guilt, of things individuals did do and did not do, regardless of the degree of that guilt or the actions they did or did not do. It is fear and that is all it is, is fear, and that fear closes you off to seeing your loved ones who are standing there waiting for you, seeing those who care for you to help you make that transition. The fear is one of the most powerful energies in the world and it is only you as an individual that can overcome those fears. And once you are willing to make the step to acknowledge that you have the ability to overcome them, your spirit guides then will step in and help with removal of that fear in your life. But fear is one of the worst enemies in your world that you have.

Can you explain where the consciousness goes in an individual who is experiencing the progressive decline of a disabling disease such as Alzheimer's?

 Your consciousness is still there, it remains with them. They have chosen a path that you on earth don't see and don't understand but they have chosen a path to disconnect from earth yet not be removed from earth. They are often out of their body, watching all the experiences that go on around them, knowing everything that is being said and everything that is being done all around them.

Crossing over after a near-death experience

You will hear many stories about the tunnel and those who have died and gone through the tunnel. Those who have experienced death or near-death experiences who are to return are in this tunnel. They feel this peace, they feel this love, they feel the connection and see loved ones. They are given a glimpse of what it is like on the other side but they do not feel the full experience of death. That is why they feel they are in a tunnel because that tunnel is still their connection to earth and their way of being able to return. They are in a tunnel because they are often given the tunnel vision of life after life and do not encompass the whole death experience at that time.

People will often experience different types of bright light. There will be a bright light with a blue-like mist. There will be a bright light with much yellow and gold in it. Eventually there will be a light that is pure whiteness. Only those who are crossing over for good in this lifetime will experience the pure white light . Those who had near death experiences eagerly await the release from their human body so that they can go and continue the journey that they had experienced once before. The human body has such a desire to live that it is reluctant to let go of the spirit and soul regardless of the circumstances, but soon realizes that this is the path that the spirit wishes to take and, as in life, if we would only allow it, the spirit is the dominant energy force over the human body. But we allow the human body to dictate what we think we want to experience on earth and do not release ourself to spirit self and let spirit self guide us through the experiences.

Differences in the near-neath experience

Are near death experiences essentially the same as actual death, except that the soul returns to life in its body? I know that you have indicated that the tunnel is one area where differences occur. Are there others?

The other differences, are, yes, you are nowhere near allowed to see all the experiences of earth. There are individuals who have near death experiences who have very cultivated spiritual consciousnesses who do move beyond and are able to see what life is like in heaven. But the general masses do not have any concept of --such as we are giving you--of life beyond life on earth, and so they are limited in what they are able to see and also they are limited because they will be returning to earth. And though many, many times, once they have returned from a near death experience, they are vibrating at much higher energy levels and consciousness levels but they have not been nearly allowed to experience the full vibrational energy of life after life as those who are crossing over.

In the reports of NDE experiencers--they often describe a very extensive life review which occurs immediately after they arrive on their near death experience. Is there a similar life review conducted in an initial short period for a person who has crossed over finally?

Yes, most definitely. This is a most important experience for all individuals. Those who are near death experiencers are given this so that they can return to earth and see just exactly how every action that they take, every word that they say, every feeling that they have, affects every other individual on this entire earth. Oftentimes they don't take the experience back with them of what has happened but they do bring the knowledge back with them.

And the same process takes place if one is crossing over without a return to their body?

Yes but this is a much more extensive experience, one that is allowed to show you in much more magnitude what your life experiences were, why you had them and how you learned your life challenges and lessons to be able to evolve or how you did not learn those lessons. This is not a total picture that is given to near death experiencers.

How does the tunnel experience change for near death experiencers?

It is as though there are two types of tunnels. The near death tunnel experience is a tunnel that is much more confined, not allowing a near death experience person to see beyond just the initial information about what happens when they cross over. And so this is very much like a tunnel that is confined and does not allow the near death experiencer to experience the dramatic change in energy that one feels who is actually crossing over. For one who is just a near death experiencer would never be able to handle that kind of a crush of energy. And so it is a tunnel but a much smaller tunnel than those who are crossing over. Those who are crossing over are in a tunnel that's expanse is enormous. And yes it is a tunnel. Those who are actually crossing over go through this tunnel but as they are crossing through this tunnel there is a higher frequency of energy and, as we mentioned before, in both encounters of a tunnel the person who is crossing over and the near death experiencer will see many different shades of light and color. Those who are near death experiencing do not see the brightness and do not move in the vibration of energy as those who are crossing over. So, yes, they both are experiencing a tunnel but they are both experiencing it in different ways.

The NDE researchers report that only a modest fraction of NDE experiences report the existence of a tunnel. So there must be some travel that does not involve a tunnel with folks that are experiencing an NDE.

We believe that there are different degrees of near death experiences and visions that those that are having this experience are supposed to be seeing and energy levels that they are supposed to be vibrating at because again it is such a shock, even to the body that the soul is coming back into, having vibrated at such a higher intensity. We think that often they don't even realize that they are in a tunnel because of the types of light that are there do not give them a sense of having this shield of protection around them. And also it is important to know that those who are having a near death experience are so excited about what is happening to them they don't always take in everything that is taking place at that time. They are still connected to their physical body and therefore still have many of the limitations and are in conflict with a spirit who knows exactly what is going to take place on the other side vs. the body who is trying to pull it back because it is not its time to move on. We realize that many different people have many different near death experiences and each individual will often be connected with what they choose to see on the other side and are unable to take in the total experience.

How can drugs such as ketamine induce an experience which is similar to the NDE?

It goes without saying that many of the people who do drugs to have a spiritual experience do come back with tales similar to those that have had a non-drug-induced spiritual experience. There are various different users of drugs including the general drug addict who has no spiritual connection whatsoever and not even looking for that but has a physically induced need that they had for a drug.

Then there are natives of all sorts all over the planet who use drugs for spiritual reasons. They do not have the defined and learned experiences and knowledge or education as in your "civilized"--although as spirits we debate whether that is civilized or not--culture have and will often use natural resources that they know that do induce a different level of consciousness. They are doing this from a spiritual point of view and feel they have gained insights that can only be done so through drugs because their spiritual consciousness has not been developed enough to understand that one does not need the drugs to do this.

This is as though you were stepping back in civilization to your caveman type environments though we would say that many more tribes who have stepped forward into a more civilized life on this planet do so not for the use of enhancing their spiritual consciousness but for the pure enjoyment that it brings to them. Those of your civilized world who use drugs to try to induce a near death experience will oftentimes have a limited near death experience but we would say that generally speaking the telling of those experiences are enhanced by what they have heard in past conversations and studies. And so it is more a mental retelling of an experience than their own actual experience. We would say that those such as Carlos Castenada who has come forth with so many books based upon his drug-induced spiritual consciousness--we often question much of what has come through because of that and we will not continue with that at this time.

Greeting at the moment of death

Who meets the departing soul at the moment of death?

Their beautiful guardian angel who has been with them all during their human life.

And this is distinct from a spirit guide?

Yes. The guardian angel has an earth connection with their human and through all of their lifetimes and this guardian angel is the first spirit connection one has because it has experienced all its human experiences with it and goes with the spirit as a sort of security blanket as the human moves into the spirit world and is greeted by other human spirits they have known.

 Pain at death

When death is caused by a potentially painful and sudden event such as an airplane crash, does the spirit leave the body before that event occurs? In other words, does the human just before death feel the tremendous pain and agony associated with, say, an airplane crash or does the spirit leave the body just before that event takes place?

We would say that it would oftentimes have to do with the spiritual connections that the individuals have had on a conscious level in their lifetime. We know that such an occurrence takes place in a split-second. Within that time frame those who have a conscious level of spirit in afterlife and know that they are about to cross over--often their spirit removes itself from the body and the body does not have any physical pain and discomfort. This is particularly true with young children. We would say that that is always the case. Those that are so connected to earth and have not made the choice to move into the consciousness of other dimensions or who do have fear of the other side and wish to remain so connected to earth --oftentimes their spirits do not leave their bodies because they are hoping that somehow they will not be crossing over. We know that this does not sound very logical to you on earth but what your consciousness and your acceptance of death is is often what you will be experiencing at the time of death.

Changes before and upon death

Just as a medium often has the capability to view spirit images or perhaps even physical appearance of the afterlife, does a person near their time of death suddenly have that capability, which allows them to see images of loved ones or perhaps other visions?

We would say the first ability of the average person who has limited their spiritual connection throughout their current lifetime, their first immediate understanding that there is another life is that they have left their body and are watching the events taking place around them. This can be someone who has been killed in an accident, someone who is dying from a disease, it does not matter, but they immediately realize they are not in the body that is down there and are watching all the experiences going on.

Is there a silver cord or some other attachment means between the soul and the body which is severed at the moment of death and departure of the soul?

You on earth have to have these visualizations of all experiences to justify whatever is taking place. There is always a connection between the human body and the spirit soul but to say that there is a cord that is severed in the physical sense-- it does not exist. But you do have a connection to your earth life and those surrounding you. That connection is not immediately broken at the time of death.

Are we talking about a physical connection or an emotional spiritual bond?

There is nothing physical that connects you to your earth life from your spirit life. You are connected to both of them right now without any sense of physical connection such as magnets or silver cords or spiral links. You are connected at a heart level of love. This love moves with you when you move out of your physical body and that bond continues to be with you forever in spirit life. As you move forward in your spirit life that bond becomes less earthly as you become more spirit. And this is a process that each person experiences, as they move from human into spirit and spirit begins its disconnection and evolution, its disconnection from its human body into its evolution of its spirit body.

Are there bodily changes of any kind which occur at the instant the soul departs the body?

What one experiences instantly is a release from the physical limitations that they were experiencing in their human body and they find that they are immediately in the prime of their physical condition and prime of their physical life on earth.

But in terms of the body itself, as apart from the soul for example, doesnít the body lose a small amount of weight? Are there any other physiological changes to the body when the soul leaves?

When the spirit leaves the body there is something almost physical that drains from the heart and as this leaves the heart there can be, it appears, a minute change in the physical body. It's as though the spirit itself leaves the body from the heart. There are those who do leave through the brain vs. the heart.

Does an early cremation hamper the process of arriving into the spirit world?

Absolutely not, because at the immediate time of death and often prior to the death of an individual their soul has left their body, and at the time of cremation there is no soul spirit connected to that body at all.

The body's mind

During the death experience, what is the role of the body's mind as compared with that of the spirit soul? For example, does the body's mind try to keep the soul from leaving?

The body will do everything it can to continue to live--the body and the mind have a great deal of power and they do not want to be extinguished. It is difficult for the mind and the body to accept the fact that life will go on and will continue but, as you have seen with many individuals, they do come to realize that life does continue.

It is very difficult especially for the individuals who do not have the concept that life continues and, regardless of the condition of the body, the body and the mind will fight to remain a living entity.

Role of the heart

What is the role of the heart in the body beyond its function of circulating blood and what happens to the heart upon death, besides stopping?

The heart has many uses in your humanness and is connected very closely with your soul and your spirit. It is the center of your emotions, it is the center of your love--we would say it is not the center of your emotions, it is the center of your feelings. Your emotions are more a brain function versus the heart which is an energy of love and is more directly connected to the soul and the spirit--where the emotions are more mind and human related.

And the second part of my question was, what happens to the heart upon death, besides stopping?

Well, the heart is a mechanical organ within your body. It stops and becomes nothing, but the love connection, the feeling connection that one carries in their humanness moves into their soul and obviously eventually moves into their spirit. So there is a transformation of energy from the heart into the soul into the spirit. The heart is the only body function that is directly connected through to spirit and has other--we would say--responsibilities or carries other avenues for energy to move from one form of your humanness into other forms of your being.

Spirit travel on or after death

Do individuals sometimes have an extended out-of-body experience before actual and final death occurs?

Most often that can be the case, particularly in the case of trauma and violent death. It is a way for the spirit not to experience the pain and harm the physical body is experiencing. We would say that any individual who is feeling a physical stress and pain can leave their body at any time and not feel this physical pain.

After a person dies, do they often remain close to their place of death or last place of living for a number of days before ascending to heaven?

Well, we are not sure what you mean by that. We would say no. For those who have died in the hospital or those who have died in a car accident or any other type of traumatic death do not stay within that immediate area. As far as staying around, that is a choice that a spirit makes. Spirit will often, until after the memorial services and their immediate loved ones have gone back into their normal way of life, stay around earth, keep their earth bound connections and visit their homes and their loved ones. This is part of transition from spirit so that spirit does not receive this initial physical shock--if you care to say it this way--from going from one dramatic form of energy to another.

Would they often be accompanied to a memorial service or a funeral or burial by other spirits who had passed over before to help support them?

This is true.

The tunnel experience

What different kinds of tunnel experiences do souls that are crossing over have?

Most of the time that crossing over experience has to do with the spiritual consciousness of the individual that was on earth. It also has to do with the age of an individual. Children and very young people still have the sense of their connection to the spirit world and it is a much faster crossing over for them because they still have that connection, the same as with those who are quite elderly and have come to understand without fear that time for them to cross over is coming. Those on earth who have a fear of death and are crossing over have a different experience than those who have a spiritual consciousness and who have no fear of death. Even though what your earth consciousness of death is at the time of death and no matter what you initially experience, you are surrounded by loved ones who have crossed over before and your angels. You can become immediately aware of them and are often nudged to do so regardless of what your belief of death was on earth.

Do some people experience a light tunnel and others experience a dark tunnel, or those sorts of differences?

At the immediate time of death, whatever the person's earth consciousness was of death is often going to be what they initially experience. Those that think they are going to hell are going to experience a darkness and a sense of hell. Those that expect nothing are going to initially experience nothing. Whatever an individual's consciousness of death as they are on earth is oftentimes what they initially experience. Now, we cannot tell you the length of time that this is, for on the other side there is no amount of time. But when a person first dies and leaves their body, as we have told you before, there are still in your time on earth many earth connections yet. They have not lost these earth connections.

And so, that is why most of the time they experience that consciousness of what death was on earth when they initially began their crossing over. They are not aware that it is not what is happening. They are not aware that there are souls and spirits from the other side who are right there with them but they soon become aware of that. Again it is still an earth spirit connection that oftentimes an individual will experience initially at the time of death and so, if you choose to say a dark tunnel, in essence that is not what is really there but that is the earth consciousness the individual had and so they could possibly experience that.

Are there a number of simultaneous departing souls who share in the use of a tunnel?

In the case of multiple crossing-overs at the same time, from accidents, from murders, from things such as the holocaust, many times individuals will cross over together. Families who have died simultaneously from accidents or murder, find that they will be crossing over together as well.

In a country the size of the United States, probably many people die every minute and would they all flow into a single tunnel or would they have their own tunnels?

Each individual's experience of crossing over, unless they are united in death from the same cause--they generally do not experience it with another individual who has died at exactly the same time. It is their own personal experience.

Do animals travel in the same tunnel when they cross over?

Again, the tunnel is an individual experience and animals have their own way of crossing over. They have a totally different perspective of death than you as humans do and they know before they cross over they are going to be met by loved ones and former pet friends.

Greetings by loved ones

When an individual crosses over and is met by loved ones, they are going to visualize these loved ones as they remember them. They will not see them in sickness and despair. They will see them with vitality, with great joy and in complete peace. They will see them at a time of life that they choose to remember them best. If an individual has died quite gravely ill from terrible disfigurement or whatever circumstances this is not as the last you have seen them. This is not how you will see them when you cross over but you will see them as you choose to remember them in their best time of life. No spirit who crosses over has any one permanent form. After a spirit comes to greet a loved one crossing over, they will return to the spirit form that they have become. But to help the loved ones who are crossing over, that spirit takes on the form the loved ones wishes to experience with them.

Greetings by others

You will oftentimes be very surprised by individuals who are also there to greet and meet you when you make your crossing over, of someone who in an earth life you would maybe never even remember who will be there in the spirit time of crossing over. And earth connections still will be there because something you said, something you did for them, which may have been only a once in a lifetime event, affected their life so strongly and they are there to say thank you. So when you make this crossing over you will often see people and not remember initially who they were, why would they be there to greet you and be so happy to see you but it is because of the impact that you made on their life and prior to your life review it is a wonderful way for you to be acknowledged for your contributions to earth beings. These could be the most strange encounters that one could think of .

We would give an example of your wife who, not only can never remember the first name of the gentleman who kidnapped and killed a little girl, but who was horrified by that terrible, horrible experience but in her own way she was able to reach out on another level and connect with that man and give him love that that he had never felt, love that he so desperately needed to have in his life and to acknowledge him as a human being for something other than the terrible acts that he committed in life and was able to offer him a light of forgiveness. These were encounters that never happened on your physical plane but were still extremely powerful exchanges on another dimension that tremendously affected the lives of each one of these individuals. On your physical level versus this other dimension that these two exchanged and shared, but on your physical earth plane level it could be something as simple as a smile that you gave someone, a simple word of encouragement that you gave a total stranger. It will be something you will never notice.

And you may encounter, soon after arrival in heaven, spirits with whom you were related to in past lives but not in the most recent life?

Not only spirits that you are related to but spirits who played major roles in your entire existence.

Greetings by beings other than earthlings

For many of you earthlings who have been in the body form of other beings, other than earth, you are greeted not only by earth spirit beings but by beings from other communities than earth. There is no distinction between where a being comes from. It is all connected on the level of your spiritual evolution. So one truly has the sense of completeness in them that they were not experiencing while in their most recent past life.

Greeting by religious figures

Does Jesus ever greet new soul arrivals and, if so, is this an appearance which is simultaneously repeated for numerous arrivals?

The answer to both of your questions is yes. The reason that someone feels that they are being met by Jesus is that they have a very strong Christian belief on earth. They do not understand, they accept Jesus as the man and do not accept that Jesus is not just the man but is the Christ energy that is within them. But, because that is what their very strong earth-bound belief is, they feel that they are met by Jesus the man. This is an energy that they have the consciousness of and, because each individual has their own consciousness when they make their crossing over, the appearance of Jesus the man is able to come to all of these individuals in their own personal way. Thus it follows in all religions on earth as a person crosses over.

Speaking of Jesus, I seem to recall in some of my readings that when Jesus does greet a new soul arrival it is almost as if it was an image of Jesus without the true personality because very little conversation gets spoken, perhaps just a ceremonial gesture and word of welcome on the part of Jesus which makes me think that its not really Jesus but it is some sort of image of Jesus that is provided these people that arrive.

This we agree with very much so and that is what we were trying to say about their own individual consciousness. They do not accept the fact that the Christ spirit that the man represented is actually within them. They are too connected with the image of the man and not what the Christ consciousness of the man was about.

But I presume that there is a spirit who was in his most recent incarnation in the body of the person known as Jesus and that that spirit exists today in a heavenly realm.

This is very much so as many of the spiritual teachers such as Buddha and others who walked your earth, who have left earth as a human being, who have a spirit consciousness.

But, if you had thousands of persons every minute that expected to see Jesus, it would be a terrible imposition on the spirit of Jesus to have to be able to greet and interact with all those people.

And that is what we're saying, that is not truly what happens. They are greeted, as we said to you, on their own individual consciousness of what Jesus was. They are not greeted by the actual spirit of Jesus but their consciousness of who they believe Jesus to be or Buddha or whatever their spiritual connection was on earth.

Are there cases when there are no spirits which would be present to greet an arriving soul?

We know that you on earth would like to say that this would be the case, especially for energies that have been so negative such as Hitler or mass murderers--serial murderers. We know that you would like to say that, no, they are not greeted with anything--that is not the way God works. They had people who had loved them and love is the connection and they actually had people that they loved and so at some point they are greeted, maybe not as complete as others are. But they are not thrown in--except as we discussed earlier, what their earth consciousness of death was--they are not thrown into a nothingness.

The reason for death

Why do we die?

Because your real life is not on earth. Earth is a place for you to come to accelerate your spiritual evolution through experiences in a limited dimensional world. You never really die, you just make a transformation from one form of energy, a more limited form of energy, back to an expanded form of energy. One is given choices when they return to earth to move closer to their connection to oneness of all. That is more difficult than is doing it in the spirit world but also is a process that moves the spirit evolution forward, quicker because of the limitations it is experiencing on earth.

Are all deaths planned at the time a person is born? Is their death already planned?

Generally speaking, we would say yes, that it is "pre-programmed". But there are energies that can cross or intersect with an individualís energies to make death happen at a time that was not originally programmed--such as individuals who get on an airplane and do not hear their inner voice telling them that this is not the best decision to make at this time and do so anyway, and that airplane has an accident of one sort or another. The same as the energies of people who are killed in automobile accidents. The majority of the time those that are murdered are deaths that have been pre-programmed, so to speak.

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