The spirit guides and medium who provided the Spirit Guide commentary elsewhere on this site were asked in November 2000 to bring together on the other side a number of spirits who had passed over from ovarian cancer. These spirits were then requested to provide advice that would help their ovarian cancer sisters who had failed in their treatment and were facing an early death. The following advice was transcribed word-for-word as the product of a Group Consciousness of passed-over ovarian cancer patients, but has applicability to all earthly cancer patients:


Do Not Fear

The first thing is not to fear death because once you cross over you lose all sense of pain, all sense of failure, all sense of rejection. You no longer have those physical emotional ties and baggage that you carried when you were on earth. So your life in that respect is going to be free from many of the challenges that you were facing on earth, whether you were dying as a cancer patient or just a normal death. Rest assured that you do not carry the pain with you.

Be Honest

You do carry the consciousness of some emotions with you because that consciousness is who you truly are in spirit. If we were to say something to our daughters about this, not only to our daughters but to all members of our family, what we would say is what we have said before. Do not hide from what you are going through. Do not hide your feelings or your emotions from your family. Be honest. Allow yourself to feel the anger. Allow your family to feel the anger. Allow yourself to feel the frustrations and whatever emotions you are having; allow yourself to feel it freely. Do not let it overtake other parts of your life but allow yourself to feel this. Allow yourself and your family to talk openly about what you're going through, about what they're feeling. Do not be afraid to discuss your crossing over. This will help you as well as your loved ones.

Embrace It

Come to a place in your life where you do a review of your life and wherever you find blockages of anger or guilt or shame or where you find places that were so beautiful and joyous, share those thoughts with yourself and with your spirit guide and, if it's appropriate, share it with the other people that were involved. Look at seeing what you've learned or what you haven't learned. Do not be afraid to say, "Well my time is coming". You are being given an opportunity that many, many people do not get to experience. It is so often looked at as to be tragic, just as anyone dying from any type of illness or accident. But you are the fortunate few. You are the ones who are being given a blessing to help not only yourself cross over but to help your loved ones with your crossing as well as their own. We all know that someday we are going to cross over. Many of us just are not given the opportunity ahead of time to embrace it. And this is what I would say to all of you, embrace it. You will continue to be a part of your loved ones. You will continue to see what they are doing. They will miss your energy on earth with them but again, at a later date, you will all be reunited. Help them to understand that your crossing over now is a great way for them to raise their consciousness and to move into new energy fields and thoughts of what's beyond this body--this earthness.

Allow Quality Time

We would say that after you reach a certain phase or stage in your treatment and it appears that there no longer is going to be any help from continued treatment, allow yourself to have a better quality of life at the end, instead of fighting for something that is just prolonging a non-quality existence. We're not saying give up, but be honest with yourself and with your family and allow yourself some quality time at the end with your family. Allow yourself to be free of the indignities and intrusion of all the chemicals and medicines and scientific experiences that would just prolong what is going to be inevitable for you. And you all will know when that is. Help your family to understand that. Help them to understand that you're not giving up. You say--this cannot be helped and I'm going to live it with the joy up to the very end and not with the indignities of fighting a losing battle, because it is really not losing. You are just making the step to cross over sooner than they are. And not only can they help you, but you can help them with your crossing and their crossing.

Ask for Spiritual Support

We would say--ask for your spirit guides to come and be with you. If you are from a religious background go and ask for the support from those of like mind religious philosophies. And if you have not experienced any religion in your life perhaps it's time that you asked for help from your higher power, whether it's God or Jesus or Buddha--whatever it is that you would feel comfortable with--going out and hugging a tree--just go and feel the energy of a power stronger than you are. And ask for its support. You will be quite surprised that you will soon be talking with angels and spirits and would never have believed that it could happen but they are there with you, always. And they nudge you forward into accepting that life is going to go on and that it will not go on with all the challenges that you have been facing in this lifetime on earth.


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